Friday, May 8, 2009


I’m obsessed....

....with TV.


And I’m in a total uproar about this whole digital transition thing. We have the old fashioned rabbit ears antenna

So now we have to buy one of those digital boxes or else we won’t get any channels. None! And it messes with my Tivo…so rude and sad!

And even though this is a very real concern, I can’t help but acknowledge that there are lots of people on the planet with real problems.

I went to the Republic of Georgia last summer

to do research for a screenplay I was hired to write,

and returned home three days before the Russian invasion.

While there I had some amazing experiences – I spoke with ex-president Shevardnadze, who helped them through their last civil war.

I spent time with a high priest of the Armenian church.

I also spent time in an Orphanage.

While I was in Georgia, I got one of those nesting doll things…you know what I’m talking about. You open it up and inside the woman is a smaller woman and a smaller woman…

Well that’s the exact opposite of what happened to me when I walked into that orphanage, my heart broke open. And to surprise, the heart inside was bigger than the one I thought I had. I met hundreds of very real children in need in a very real place, called Georgia. I fell in love with one of them and have been trying to adopt her, but the government makes it more than difficult and we lack the funds to take the case to court.

Yes, this would be a perfect time to give in to world cynicism, or to be obsessed with how scary things are. Or how difficult. But I’d rather not.

I’d rather be obsessed with learning how to open my heart even wider. With learning how to handle painful challenges in a new, more healthy, more supported way. Because while I know challenges will not stop coming throughout life, I know that I have a choice about how I respond to them.

Obsess on staying open....what do you say?