Sunday, November 13, 2011

My brain.

It is a funny thing how the brain works.

Today I found myself wrestling with how to restructure a screenplay I'm working on.
A trusted friend and colleague suggested that I print out each scene in its entirety and tape them on a wall.

As she spoke, I felt my brain cave in, though I knew it was a good idea.

After I hung up, I looked over some recent notes, and one of the things I'd forgotten about was a typed list of all the scenes in the current draft; one sentence descriptions of each scene. My intention had been to cut those up and move them around like a puzzle to see if I might discover a new way of looking at things.

Instantly I felt energized. It's my version of what my friend was talking about. Because of the way my brain works - this use of tiny idea bites totally energized me. Somehow these tiny bites keep me from being overwhelmed... it's why when my husband and I sold jewelry for a living- I used to make earrings and he used make the necklaces- earrings are tiny idea bites!

So...not only did I get them all printed out and on the wall, but I was able to make real progress. I am so grateful for my friend whose gentleness with me around this process has been a godsend. She has nudged me again in the direction of my own creativity and that's where the fun lives.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Our culture is weird.

We revere the fake, the untrue, the unreal.

We don't reach out and talk about the things that matter, the things we all experience as a natural part of being a human. Things that would help us through this odd and interesting life.

We have gone so far as to develop a whole industry to support self un-acceptance.

I like to call it Desperation Dialing.

Are you a human being? Yes! There’s a number you can call for that!

Are you ready to lost that last 10 pounds?

All you have to do is Defy Gravity.

Erase wrinkles in just 10 days.

Lonely? Want somebody cute to talk to?
Call now to talk to people just like you.

Need a pair of jeans that make your booty look 3 sizes smaller?

Want to cover those grays?

Ready to makeover your life?

There’s a number for that, there’s a website for that, there’s a cure for that. And it’s only 39.95 plus shipping and handling.

WOW...such a deal.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tiddly Winks


Out of nowhere the name of this childhood game came whizzing through my mind.



What a bizarre name for a game.

All i can remember is the little colored thingamajigs.

So I wikipedia it and here's what I learn:

Played with sets of small discs called "winks" (the thingamajigs!), players use a larger disc called a "squidger" to pop a wink into flight by pressing down on one side of the wink. The objective of the game is to cause the winks to land either on top of opponents' winks, or ultimately inside a cup.

Squidger. say it with me: Squidger.

Fun, no?

I think I'd rather say 'Squidger' five times fast than play tiddlywinks, but that's just me.

Apparently Tiddlywinks is all the rage in Vienna. Vienna, Virginia, that is. Yup,
according the the North America Tiddlywinks Assocation (No lie!- 39th North American Pairs tiddlywinks championship was held in September.

In fact, the World Teams championship brought the top eight winkers from the English Tiddlywinks Association and the top eight winkers from NATWA to town to compete.

I wanna be one of the top winkers. But my championship would be all about winking. You know, with your eye.

But that's just me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the Girls to Work

Years ago a gorgeous woman told me that she viewed her boobs as power tools in the workplace...male bosses refused her nothing.

Recently a new colleague shared the workplace truth at the other end of the spectrum...cleavage at the office equals less one will take you seriously.

Half awake on the way to the bus stop this morning, this thought woke me up: I can't waste my time worrying about being taken seriously. I take myself seriously (with a healthy dose of humor, of course)

The thing is...I like v-necks. What others do with that truth is their business.