Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flying Through Blue

Something had felt off for a while.
She didn't know exactly what it was,
but she was on the hunt for
the switch
to flip
that would open
whatever it was in her
that had quietly closed.
Yes, her father died.
Yes, her credit card
paid for a tropical trip
to heal, she thought.
to feel, she thought.
Abundant sunshine
worked its magic.
but it was undersea
where she found
her inner fins.
sharing space with
giant sea turtles,
to the sound of
whales singing
she felt at home
in a way she hadn't
for a long while.
flying through blue
she found what she
had lost.
and learned she could
fly through blue
whenever she pleased.
and she pleased.

Apology to March

You are a fine upstanding month, March.
It wasn't my intention to ignore you
here in blog town.
I am deeply sorry.
Don't worry April.
I know I only have
a few days left,
but I will post something
in the blogosphere
that is more artful
than an offering of