Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am celebrating.

If you were looking at me right now, sitting here on the couch, you would not be able to tell that I am celebrating...

but I am.

I just finished the first draft of a screenplay that I've been working on for 7 months. This is the one I was hired to write that took me to the Republic of Georgia last summer for research. That is where I fell in love with the orphan that Jose and I are trying to adopt.

This project been a very challenging process because it is based on a true story and truth, while stranger than fiction, is not in any was as easy to write or make compelling.

So I breathe in right now and sigh.

I am done.

For this moment, before the dude who hired me reads it, before I am required to dive back in and re-write based on his feelings about it(it's his life, after all) before the ticking time bomb of all that.....

I can relax into the done-ness of it all.

Done. Done. Done.


This is today's happiness.

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