Monday, August 9, 2010

My Word!

I like to make up words.

It's not that I sit around and think, 'Hmmm...what word can I make up today?'

The way it works is this:

I'm talking with someone, and in the middle of gabbling (see?!) passionately about something, some non-dictionary sanctioned word pops out of my mouth in the middle of a sentence.

Out of thin air. (though I don't believe air is thin.)

This weeks words: Creativitude and Creativitating.

Often, these homemade words leave me as soon as I've said them. But these two have stuck with me. Creativitude makes simple sense to me, but after days of thinking about it, I couldn't quite pinpoint what I think Creativitating is.

So i posed the question...

to my dear Jose.

Me: If Creativitude is one's aptitude for creativity, what is Creativitating?
Jose: It's when someone is so Creative they can float.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for Creativitude AND Creativitating!!!
    I love the pictures too.
    I love your brain.